About Rockspire

Since 1997, the concepts driving Rockspire have been evolving into what we are now calling a “Living Laboratory for Sustainable Lifestyles.” Rockspire is considering all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle including, but not limited to, alternative real estate ownership, renewable energy generation, water management, food production, ecovillages, healthy living, and community involvement. In addition, the concepts we are pursuing are not limited to this property. We have infused an educational component into Rockspire to teach and learn with others.

To date, we have constructed five structures and two miles of nature trails we call Joan’s Angel Trail. All five structures are for community use and include Betty’s Birdhouse Cabin (guesthouse), the MobbyMac Carriage House (community meeting house and office), Woodworking Shop, Drying Shed (we harvest and dry our own hardwoods), and the Project Finishing Building. The next phase will be to build homes that respect the environment and evolve with changing lifestyles and technologies. We plan to start construction on phase two this year.

We don’t want Rockspire’s inhabitants to be saddled with debt to live here nor do we want them to assume they can live off the land or the largesse of others.  We’d rather people be active in driving the community toward sustainability.  We, therefore, are not selling real estate at Rockspire. Involvement at Rockspire is realized through membership not ownership.

Located seven miles south of Eureka Springs in Carroll County Arkansas, Rockspire is a beautiful piece of the Ozarks nestled between the combined 20,000 acres of The Nature Conservancy’s Kings River Preserve and The McIlroy Madison County Wildlife Management Area. It has natural springs, a cave, forests, pastures, panoramic views, and great potential to be home to a maximum of 30 families.  We’ve taken great care to leave as much of the acreage untouched and pristine as possible.  We are actively using rainwater collection systems, passive solar design, and modular, clustered buildings to reduce our environmental footprint.

Realizing Rockspire’s full potential will take generations, we hope to set it on its course in a significant way.

Rockspire Properties, LLC is owned and managed by George E. Myers and Michael E. Johnson, both architects based in Dallas, TX. George and Mike have collaborated on projects around the world for over forty years and Rockspire represents the culmination and evolution of their collaborative experience.

Aerial Photo of the West End of Rockspire

Satellite Photo showing Rockspire’s Community Properties Zoning