A new concept in future living…
as represented in the sustainable lifestyle envisioned by the members of Rockspire

Nestled on 125 acres in the heart of the Ozark Plateau is the beginning of an Intentional Community called Rockspire….. the perfect setting for a new concept in future living. The combined influences of Nature, Art, and Architecture are the inspiration behind Rockspire; and they are further enhanced by incorporating the latest technologies to enable our enviable, sustainable lifestyle.

For over 35 years Rockspire co-founders George Myers and Michael Johnson have partnered in multiple business ventures, and now they are focused on Rockspire near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. As Dallas based architects and developers, George and Michael have implemented a wide variety of small to large scale projects throughout the United States and around the world and therefore bring a range of talents, perspectives, and philosophies to this project. In addition, all community members are participating in the creation and implementation of this grand experiment we call Rockspire.


Human beings are not meant to live solitary lives…
talking, touching, and relating to others is essential to our well-being. 
These facts apply to all of us, from birth to death.”

The Rockspire Community is a diverse group of people who appreciate the natural beauty experience of Rockspire. It’s not a cult, commune, or movement… but merely a community of individuals who are striving to create a sustainable lifestyle concept for future living.

Our events, developments, plans, and thoughts are chronicled in our quarterly newsletter – The Rockspirian, and on the Rockspire Facebook page.

Events at Rockspire are posted in the calendar below, and we invite all who are interested to join us.

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Nature, Art, and Architecture
it’s as simple and complex as that

35 acres of mountaintop pastures with breathtaking views contrasts with the remaining 90 acres of forests and cliffs cascading down the mountainside.

Performances in the MobbyMac Carriage House, natural amphitheater, retreats, artists and craftsmen working in the Rockspire workshop and studio.

High quality architectural details respecting the relationships between the structures and their natural setting, are the basic principles we follow.


We strive to inspire and enlighten with evidence based concepts that are being tested and lived every day at Rockspire.

The Rockspire Manifesto as it’s called, outlines our concept for creating this lifestyle. The concepts in the Manifesto transcend any one place; yet Rockspire is the seed for creating an individualized, sustainable lifestyle that can be implemented wherever one chooses to live in harmony with the circumstances they are dealt.





If you would like to participate in an event, receive The Rockspirian newsletter,
or add your comments to our conversation…

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