Architecture Advisory

Next scheduled Advisory Board meeting: None Scheduled

Below are some of the images, articles, papers, links, etc. to related information that the Architecture Advisory board is using to formulate its direction and advice.

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by Joe Emerson

The Zero Energy Project Newsletter, November 9, 2020



The Architect’s Newsletter, April, 2020 by Sydney Franklin

2017 Bloomberg Finance, LP

The Zero Energy Project Newsletter, May 2020

by Alyssa Giacobbe, May 29, 2020

The Architecture Advisory Board’s mission is to advise Rockspire on issues concerning architecture, planning, and engineering. This includes any man-made structures or infrastructure built at Rockspire. It is expected to advise on new research and technologies pertaining to architecture, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. It will also weigh-in on the design and aesthetics of planning and structural elements at Rockspire.